BRIT PREMIUM Chicken&Lamb dešra 12 vnt

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Contains 95% meat! Brit sausage is a unique combination of meat and pate. High levels of animal protein ensure good digestion.

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Brit Premium by Nature – This is one of the most successful Czech producers in Europe, Vafo Praha, with 25 years of experience in producing food for dogs and cats, premium food for dogs and cats, containing at least 45% meat. It is a product with an ideal price-quality ratio and one of the most popular not only in the Baltic States, but also in Europe and abroad.

Brit sausage is a unique combination of meat and pate.  The large amount of high-quality products of animal origin ensures perfect taste and good digestion. A variety of flavors for a full-fledged daily diet. Contains no soy, genetically modified products or preservatives.
Complete food for dogs.

Ingredients:  95% meat and animal products, 85% chicken and its products, lamb 10%, cereals (rice 3.5%), broth 1%, collagen 0.5%.

Analytical constituents:  moisture 68%, crude protein 13%, crude fat 9%, crude ash 6,3%, fiber 0,5%.

Supplements kg : E672 vitamin A 3000IU, E671 vitamin D3 300IU, E6 zinc (zinc oxide) 16 mg, E1 iron (ferrous sulphate pentahydrate) 6.5 mg, E4 copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 0.1 mg.

Feeding recommendations:  ready to use, feed should be at room temperature. Store in a cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator when opened. The recommended daily allowance is given in the feeding table.
The daily rate may vary depending on the breed of the dog, age, seasonal factors.

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